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Temperature Control System in Rice Bran Oil Refining Equipment

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Temperature Control System in Rice Bran Oil Refining Equipment

Different oils have different refining temperatures. If the operating temperature of the rice bran oil refining machine is too high, new pigments will appear, which will cause problems with oil coloration. The decolorization temperature of the oil will also affect the acidity of the decolorized oil. In the operation of rice bran oil processing equipment, it is necessary to balance the decolorization rate and the FFA growth rate to decolorize the oil at an appropriate temperature.

1. The rice bran oil refining equipment can be used all year round. Because it adopts the heating temperature control system, it can independently change the temperature according to changes in the environment to ensure normal operation in various climates.

2.technical upgrade of the core components of rice bran oil refining machine is completed, the number of pressing stages is increased, and a new process of progressive pressurization and multi-stage advancement is adopted. The original first and second stage presses are upgraded to three, four, and five stage presses. Increased oil yield.

3. The rice bran oil refining machine shortens the preparation time and reduces the energy consumption, adopts the multi-stage pressurized vacuum filtration, and improves the pressing efficiency and quality

4. All rice bran oil refining machines are made of international standard steel and parts, which are compact in design and durable. Therefore, the service life of rice bran oil refining equipment is improved.

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