Rice bran oil crude oil is yellow-green, with a special smell, higher free fatty acids, vitamin E content is higher, low linolenic acid content. Crude oil 3% -5% wax, it needs to be refined before consumption.

Extraction method is the use of organic solvents extraction rice bran oil, is a more advanced oil-making process. Its oil rate as high as 12% -15%, less residual oil.

Rice bran oil extraction process low labor intensity, high production efficiency, organic solvents can be recycled. The production of rice bran oil by extraction method represents the development direction of modern oil-making process.


Rice Bran Oil Extraction Machine

Huatai specializes in the production of rice bran oil equipment, rice bran oil extraction equipment, rice bran oil refining equipment, can provide pretreatment complete sets of equipment, automatic Flat extractor complete sets of equipment, ring extractor complete sets of equipment can also be used for soybean oil extraction, rapeseed oil extraction, rice bran Oil extraction, sunflower oil extraction, peanut oil extraction and other vegetable oils.

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