Due to the changes in storage and processing conditions, the color of crude rice bran oil will be brown, dark green or greenish yellow. It is difficult to remove these deep colors by rice bran oil refining equipment. But it can be decolorized by silica gel decolorization method. The manufacturer of oil refining equipment, Henan Huatai Oil Machinery, will conduct a detailed analysis for you as follows:

The studies have shown that in the process of refining rice bran oil, the rice bran oil refining equipment can improve the color of rice bran oil by adding silica gel. It is to mix silica gel, crude oil and solvent in an appropriate ratio into rice bran oil for decolorization and dewaxing. The silica gel decolorization method is generally applicable to crude rice bran oil after oil extraction. The disadvantage is that it is at a relatively slow rate to refine rice bran oil by this method.

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