Rice bran oil winterization technology introduction

Rice Bran Oil winterization process work under slowly stirring and cool the oil to certain temperature in fixed time (technical security), and make waxy formed bigger crystallization,then separation exhalation, after filtering, it separates the fluid oil and solid fat. After fractionation ,the oil will be clean after 5.5 hours in 0 ¡æ£¬but it also can keep the transparency and flowability in the refrigerator and improve the oil quality and appearance.

The new technical of dewaxing and degrease invented by our company has high advance technical, stable quality. Compare with the traditional dewaxing and degrease technical of adding filter aid, the new one has characters as follows:

1) Don’t need to add any filter aid agent, the products are natural and green .

2) Easy to filter, the product oil has high yield

3) Pure by-product edible wax, not contain filter aid agent and can use the edible wax production directly, no pollution

Main operation:

Crystallizing Process

Filtering process

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