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Rice Bran Oil Refining Process

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Rice Bran Oil Refining Process

1. how oil is extracted from rice bran? The crude rice bran oil from the oil extraction workshop is pumped into the filter to remove the remaining impurities. After being heated, it is sent to the acid refining mixer. It is fully contacted and mixed with the phosphoric acid and water input by the acid metering pump to allow the gelatin in the oil to separate out. Enter the degumming centrifuge to separate the oil feet.

2. how to produce rice bran oil? The oil is then pumped into the alkali refining mixer to neutralize the amount of lye with the required concentration to make the free fatty acids in the rice bran crude oil precipitate, and then enter the desoaping centrifuge to separate the soapstock. At the same time, the separated oil undergoes a light alkali and a water wash to wash the residual soap in the oil, and then is separated and dried by a centrifuge to obtain an alkali refining.

3. how to make oil from rice bran? The alkali refining oil is sent to the decolorization tower and mixed with the decolorized clay that has been correctly quantified. After the decolorization treatment requires temperature, time, and vacuum, the clay that has absorbed the colored substances and other impurities in the oil is filtered and separated by a filter.

4. how to make rice bran oil? The resulting decolorized oil is heated and degassed and sent to the deodorization tower. The oil is further heated to the deodorization temperature in the deodorization tower and deodorized by steam stripping under high vacuum. Deodorized oil can be obtained after cooling.

5. how to extract oil from rice bran? After cooling and crystallization, the deodorized oil is filtered to remove the rice bran wax, and then after further cooling and crystallization, the high melting point solid fat in the rice bran oil is removed by filtration to obtain the final first grade product oil.



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