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Rice Bran Oil Production Process

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Rice Bran Oil Production Process

The production process of rice bran oil generally adopts the extraction method (refining method).

Rice bran oil extraction method:

The oil produced by the extraction process is also called leached oil, which uses organic solvents (such as gasoline, ethanol, etc.) to extract the oil. The extraction method uses solvent oil (No. 6 light gasoline) to soak the oil raw materials and then extract them at high temperature. An oil-making process that allows oil to be extracted. The initially extracted “oil” is a mixture of organic solvents and greases, which cannot be eaten. It must go through a series of refining processes (dewaxing, degumming, dehydration, deodorization, deacidification, decolorization and other chemical treatments) before it can be eaten. The oil is generally lighter in color, and the initial natural smell in the seeds of the material is light or has no obvious odor. The extraction process can extract almost all the oilseeds, and the economic benefits are very high. It is the most popular processing method in the modern oil industry.

Rice Bran Oil Extraction Process:
Extraction of rice bran: rice bran → screening → stone removal → puffing (granulation) → extraction → rice bran mixed oil → heating and fractionation → fine filtration → rice bran oil

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