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Rice Bran Oil Processing Plant

How is Rice Bran Oil Made?

The rice bran oil processing plant includes rice bran pretreatment & extrusion workshop, rice bran oil solvent extraction plant and rice bran oil refining workshop. There is The Process of Rice Bran Oil Production Line As follows:

Rice Bran Pretreatment & Expanding Workshop:

rice bran→rice bran cleaning→rice bran and broken rice separation→conditioning→expanding→drying and cooling→to solvent extraction workshop

1. Rice Bran Cleaning Process
First, the rice bran enters the cleaning screen in the rice bran oil plant to remove the impurities. Then roller magnetic separator is adopted to remove the iron impurities. Iron impurities can cause damage to the expander and influence the expansion effect.

2. Rice Bran and Broken Rice Separation
The rice bran goes through rice bran & broken rice separator to remove broken rice and whole rice. This process can ensure normal operation of the rice bran oil processing plant, reduce residual oil rate in the meal, reduce solvent consumption and increase the oil yield. The broken rice can be used for sugar and liquor making.

3. Rice Bran Conditioning
Conditioning is to preheat the rice bran and adjust the moisture content. The moisture content can decide the elasticity and plasticity of the expanded materials. Preheating can improve the expansion effect and increase the capacity. The rice bran enters the conditioner for conditioning process in the rice bran oil production line.

4. Rice bran Expanding Process
The conditioned rice bran enters the rice bran expander and direct steam is injected. By the rotating of the main worm shaft, the materials are extruded, heated, sheared and kneaded, the temperature and pressure increases and the materials are extruded out. With the sudden decrease of the pressure, the moisture evaporates rapidly and the materials expand and form the porous pellets.
Adopting expansion technology in the rice bran oil production line can increase extraction efficiency, reduce residual oil rate in the meal, increase the capacity of the oil extractor, reduce power consumption and improve the quality of the extracted rice bran oil.

5. Drying and Cooling
The expanded materials have high temperature and high moisture content and shall be dried and cooled to meet the requirement of the extraction process. Usually, chain dryer or pneumatic dryer is adopted in the rice bran oil processing plant for the drying and cooling of expanded rice bran.

Rice Bran Oil Solvent Extraction Workshop:

Rice bran oil extraction plant produces rice bran oil by expansion extraction technology. Rice bran oil processing line adopts rice bran expander to make the rice bran into porous expanded pellets, which improves solvent permeability and increases extraction efficiency. Adopts negative pressure evaporating system and mineral oil system, having the features of saving energy and good crude oil quality. Rice bran oil refininig processing plant adopts physical deacidification and deodorization technology, having high refining yield and the oil obtained has shallow color and good quality.

Advantages of Our Rice Bran Oil Making Process Technology:
1. Rice bran oil processing plant adopts expansion technology, which increases extraction efficiency, reduces residual oil rate and improves the quality of the extracted oil.
2. Rice bran oil extraction plant adopts negative pressure evaporating system, having the low evaporating temperature, the extracted oil has good quality and shallow color, saving steam consumption.
3. Rice bran oil extraction plant adopts mineral oil system to reduce solvent consumption.
4. Rice bran oil refinery plant adopts physical deacidification and deodorization technology, having good deacidifying and thermal decoloring effect, high refining yield, good oil quality.
5. The decolorization process of the rice bran oil refinery plant combines premixing with steam stirring, having good decolorization effect. The negative pressure operation ensures the quality of the oil.

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