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rice bran oil processing line

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rice bran oil processing line

The rice bran oil processing line typically involves several steps:

Rice Bran Pretreatment & Expanding Workshop: The process starts with cleaning the rice bran and separating it from broken rice. The cleaned rice bran is then conditioned and expanded to make it into porous expanded pellets. This improves solvent permeability and increases extraction efficiency.

Rice Bran Oil Solvent Extraction: The expanded rice bran is then sent to a solvent extractor. The solvent extraction method is the most commonly used process in the market, and the residual oil rate is less than 1%.

Rice Bran Oil Refining: The crude rice bran oil from the extraction process is then refined to get rid of impurities, wax, gums, Free Fatty Acids (FFA), pigment, and odors.

Please note that the exact process can vary depending on the specific technology and equipment used by different manufacturers.



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