The pretreatment process of rice bran oil involves several steps:

1. Rice Bran: This is the by-product of rice processing. The oil content depends on the rice variety and the quantity of impurities in rice bran, it usually is 12%-20%.
2. Magnetic Separation: This step involves removing iron impurities from the rice bran.
3. Rice Bran and Tips Separation: This step separates the rice bran from the tips.
4. Rice Bran Softening and Condition: The rice bran is softened and conditioned in this step.
5. Rice Bran Expansion: The rice bran is expanded in this step.
6. Drying and Cooling: The expanded rice bran is then dried and cooled.
7. Pre-press: The dried and cooled rice bran is pre-pressed before it goes to the rice bran oil extraction workshop.
This process aims to create a good production environment, minimize the total fat loss, increase oil yield and output, improve the quality of oil and cake meal, comprehensively utilize impurities and offal, and perfectly match extraction production line. Different production processes are designed according to different materials.