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Rice Bran Oil Pretreatment Machine

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Rice Bran Oil Pretreatment Machine

Henan Huatai Cereals and Oil Machinery Co., LTD., is a member of the Chinese association of oils and fats, is the collection scientific research, design, manufacturing, installation in one integrated company.

For pretreatment of rice bran oil, rice bran oil extraction plant transformation, our company can undertake the design, manufacturing, installation of 2000 t/D under all kinds of cooking oil refining plant engineering, oil extraction, oil pretreatment engineering, oil refinery, and all kinds of steel structure building and using rice bran oil extraction technology to extract pigment, tea polyphenols, such as a variety of food and feed additives turn-key project.

Companies with advanced technology as the backing, has for years been engaged in oil equipment, oil machinery, natural pigment extraction equipment research, development and production, is the production of enterprises specialized in oil equipment machinery products and natural pigment extraction equipment.

The company passed the ISO9001 quality certification system to meet the needs of the product quality control and quality assurance.

Main products and business: oil pretreatment equipment, oil extraction, oil refining equipment, oil, natural pigment extraction, oil extraction workshop design and construction, oil refining workshop design and build, oil pretreatment workshop equipment turnkey project, vegetable oil processing equipment, soybean oil pretreatment equipment, complete sets of edible oil extraction and refining equipment, rice bran pretreatment and extraction plant, corn germ oil production workshop, rapeseed oil pressing, extraction and refining equipment, cottonseed oil press, extraction and refining equipment and turn-key project.

The company’s rice bran Oil pretreatment process characteristics:
1.  Adopting the combination of different processes in a workshop can be processing for a variety of fuel.
2.  High yield, less residual oil.
3.  Easy operation and simply maintenance.



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