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Rice Bran Oil Press Machine

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Rice Bran Oil Press Machine

The rice bran oil pressing machine has stable performance, high working efficiency and high oil output, which is your ideal choice. Multifunctional screw machine is used to squeeze cleanly, saving labor and time, high oil output rate, low power, pure oil quality, multi-purpose machine, and can be used for sesame, peanut, rapeseed, soybean, oil sunflower, sesame, etc. Kind of oil for oil processing.

Advantages and characteristics:

1. Stable and reliable performance

The oil press has repeatedly obtained professional technical inspection and appraisal from relevant departments.

2. Constantly update technology

The rice bran oil press has an excellent technical team of experts, and the technology is constantly updated to keep up with industry trends and market demands.

3. Pure physical pressing

The squeezed oil has a clear color, pure oil, original flavor and rich oil fragrance.

4. High oil yield

Innovatively developed 5 and 6-stage oil presses, appropriately increase the length of the press chamber, increase the pressure point, thoroughly press, and high oil yield

5. Widely applicable

It can be widely used in the pressing of various oil crops such as peanut, soybean, rapeseed, oil sunflower, tea seed, flax seed, perilla seed, almond, walnut, sesame, corn germ, cottonseed and so on.

6. Energy saving and high efficiency

With more than 40 years of market verification, it has been well received by users. Its products have realized intelligent technology, adopt electronic automatic temperature control function, and save energy and power.

7. Complete supporting facilities

Providing complete technical support and a full set of machinery and equipment, it is an ideal choice for urban and rural oil mills and small and medium-sized oil mills.

8. After-sales guarantee

Provide professional and timely after-sales service, so that you can buy and use with peace of mind.



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