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Rice Bran Oil Physical Refining Process

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Rice Bran Oil Physical Refining Process

Rice bran oil is 16% to 22%, and rice bran oil unsaturated fatty acid content of 60% -70%, 42% oleic acid, linoleic acid 38%, and is rich in oryzanol. Oryzanol with reduced platelet aggregation, reduced hepatic synthesis of cholesterol and can reduce cholesterol absorption and so on. Crude rice bran oil due to its having the characteristics determine the rice bran oil refining process is different from other materials. Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. in Henan Huatai rice bran oil has made greatachievements, it is the company’s patented products.

Mao rice bran oil acid value is generally relatively high, generally 8-20mg/g, some aging of rice bran acid value of up to 30mg/g or more,Wherein the wax content of 2% -5%, the color deeper, more difficult to bleaching. For conventional alkali refining process, the alkali refining loss is relatively large, thereby refining costs is relatively high, in order to produce better quality at the international level refined rice bran oil, grain and oil Henan Huatai Machinery Co., Ltd. developed a new technology, physical refining process.

Rice bran oil physical refining process are the following:

1. Hydration Degumming: Key physical refining of rice bran oil is the oil as much as possible to remove colloidal impurities. And there are a lot of colloidal impurities not only affect the quality of products,but also in the high temperature coke is relatively easy to form a grease attached to the surface of the filler, affecting the normal operation of the equipment.

2. Washing: After degummed oil is first heated to 75-78°C, temperature of 90-95 degrees Celsius was added, 8% oil, 5.0 wt% of alum was slowly stirred for 15 minutes, left to settle for two hours and then discharged oil feet.

3. Dry Degumming: Drying oil is heated to about 85 degrees Celsius, was added by a metering pump content of 85% phosphoric acid added in an amount of 0.1% by mass of oil, after mixing blade mixer quick response, into leaf filter .Utilization of waste clay after bleaching filtered to remove residual phospholipids and metal ions and other impurities get dry oil degumming.

4. Decoloration: 70% dry degummed oil heated to 110 percent, and then enter the decolorization tower, bleaching tower vacuum degree -0.09MPa, decolorization time 30min, clay amount of 2% by mass of oil is appropriate.

5. Deacidification: Bleached oil through the oil – oil heat exchanger, and finally through the heater into the deacidification deacidification tower. Off of structured packing tower, oil flows down from the top surfaceof the filler under gravity acid tower, and injected from the bottom with saturated steam stripping reach full contact deacidification purposes.

6. Deodorization: Packed column deodorizer structural, oil flows down from the top surface of the filler under gravity, from the bottom with saturated steam injected into sufficient contact to reach the deodorizingstripping purposes. Direct steam quality oil in an amount of about 1%, or less absolute pressure vacuum 200Pa.

7. Dewaxing: Because rice bran oil refining wax contains certain content, affect the quality of the oil, it is necessary to dewaxing. Deodorized oil through the plate heat exchanger and the freezing liquid heat exchanger,to 15% after the oil is pumped into stainless steel crystallizer, constantly stirring for crystallization.

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