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Rice Bran Oil Machinery Supplier

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Rice Bran Oil Machinery Supplier

There are three main sections to make rice bran oil in the rice bran oil production process:
Rice bran pretreatment section

Rice bran oil extraction section

Rice bran oil refinery and dewaxing section

rice bran oil machinery

Pretreatment plant make the rice bran into pellet for easy and max oil yield. Send the pretreated rice bran into solvent extraction plant, use the solvent (normal hexane) to absorb the oil from rice bran, and then the machines separate the solvent from the oil, the solvent used for recycling and the crude rice bran oil goes into refining plant.

After extraction, the residual oil in rice bran can be lower than 0.8%. Crude rice bran oil refining and dewaxing for high quality oil.

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