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Rice Bran Oil Machine

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Rice Bran Oil Machine

Rice bran refining production method includes continuous dephosphorization and degumming section, physical deacidification and deodorization section, continuous dewatering section, decolorization and filtering section, crystallization and maturing section, dewaxing section.

Henan Huatai cereals and oils machinery co. ltd. is the largest rice bran oil refining set of equipments manufacture enterprise in domestic, 1st rice bran refining production method, extraction of oryzanol from rice bran soapstock and extraction of protein from rice bran own national patent for invention. Henan Huatai 1 st grade rice bran refining equipment own Chinese cereals and oils association of science and technolog award first prize. Otherwise, Huatai cereals and oils machinery company limited also has been developed series rice bran deep process equipment, rice ban first grade physical refining equipment and set of rice bran first grade oil molecule distillation equipment.

As the obvious advantage of rice bran used widely, rice bran oil production line equipment also popular with the enterprise gradually.




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