Rice bran oil in Japan, “Ankang oil” said, because it has a certain role in health care. The biggest benefit of eating rice bran oil is to reduce the body’s serum cholesterol levels, it is easy to be absorbed by the body, which is the effect of other vegetable oil can not be compared if the content of 70% of rice bran oil and 30% safflower oil to reconcile Made of edible oil, the effect will be better. Rice bran oil quality of the decisive factor in the most critical is the precision of rice bran oil equipment.

Rice bran oil is characterized by the color pan-yellow, transparent clarity, reveals a fragrant taste, low melting point, very high nutritional value, rice bran oil is extracted from the rice bran oil, fresh rice bran oil content in the 18%~22 %, and soybeans, nowadays the developed countries have been widely used rice bran oil. China is one of the world’s rich in rice, in order to expand the oil, rice bran has been listed as one of the oil. Identification of rice bran oil is mainly from the color, moisture, smell, impurities, purity several aspects of starting:

1. Good rice bran oil color to keep yellowish, transparent texture to clarify.

2. good rice bran oil will not be muddy, water less than 0.2%.

3. Good rice bran oil with a slight smell of rice bran, without any other miscellaneous taste, in line with specifications.

4. Good rice bran oil to clarify the oil, no suspended solids, impurities will not exceed 0.1%, in line with specifications.

5. Take 100l of the test tube, into the rice bran oil samples, to clarify the quality is good.

All kinds of vegetable oil degumming, deacidification, decolorization, dewaxing, deodorization treatment can use rice bran oil equipment to operate. Rice bran oil equipment is a multi-functional grease processing equipment. Is an essential tool for processing rice bran oil. Rice bran oil equipment manufacturers to remind you that the choice of rice bran oil must identify its quality.

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