Huatai Oil Equipment Co., Ltd is a professional company which produces corn oil equipment, rice bran oil equipment, tea seed oil equipment grease equipment, leaching equipment, refining equipment, oil machinery, oil complete sets of equipment, filtration equipment. Rice bran oil can bring us what kind of benefits.

(1) Rice Bran Oil
In rice bran there are a considerable number of rice bran oil, its main ingredient is oleic acid, linoleic acid. Compared with other vegetable oils, it contains more unsaponifiable and trace components, with the role of lowering serum cholesterol. Rice bran oil is not easy to oxidize when heated, so the food is safe. At the same time rice bran oil flavor is good, cooking dishes tasty, very suitable for cooking oil. It is usually the same as sesame oil and olive oil, is regarded as high quality oil, is a healthy oil.

(2) Phytosterols
As a health care drug, phytosterols have the function of lowering blood cholesterol and liver cholesterol levels, can prevent and treat a variety of diseases such as hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis.

(3) Skimmed Rice Bran
Previously, people defatted rice bran mainly used as a feed, but also used to pickled food or fertilizer. At present, research and development of defatted rice bran products are:

1) inositol. It can be used as pharmaceutical raw materials and a variety of integrated beverage formulations are used, but also for the baby’s essential vitamins and food fortifiers;

2) phytic acid. The latest study found that phytic acid has anti-cancer effect, as well as antioxidant, anti-fatty liver and inhibit the role of kidney stones. Currently phytic acid has been used as a food additive for regulating acidity and pH.

In addition, from the rice bran raw materials can also be made of vitamin E, dietary fiber, rice bran protein and polysaccharides and other substances with physiological activity. Rice bran as a potential useful resource, will provide more food for human nutrition resources and medical resources.

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