Rice bran is processed by rice, made by pressing method. Rice bran oil is made from rice bran, the following, let us look at the rice bran oil method is how to use physical refining:

Physical refining with its relatively simple process, can be directly obtained high quality refined oil and by-products of fatty acids, and raw and auxiliary materials to save, no waste water pollution, product stability, high refining rate, the more and more people’s attention. Especially for high acid value oil, its superiority is more significant.

It consists of two stages of pretreatment before distillation and distillation. The pretreatment plays a decisive role in the quality of the physical refined oil. In recent years, the physical refining of rice bran oil has focused on the pretreatment. B and Bhattacharrya [11] studied the properties of the refined rice bran oil after several degumming and dewaxing treatments.

The properties of the refined rice bran oil after decolorization were studied. The results show that the color, FFA, glial and wax total, oryzanol and tocopherol content of the physically refined rice bran oil after processing at low temperature (10 ¡æ) are very good, and proper low temperature treatment (17 ¡æ) is possible. At room temperature (32 °C) or slightly below room temperature (25 °C) combined with degumming dewaxing, the mass of physical refining RBO is undesirable.

Therefore, low temperature (10 ¡æ) dewaxing both low FFA or high FFA oil can be obtained color and other good oil. (65 ¡æ), low temperature dewaxing (10 ¡æ), decolorization physical refining oil color than the same temperature (65 ¡æ) water degumming and water dewaxing (10 ¡æ), decolorization physical refining oil deep color, at higher temperatures (25 ¡æ), decolorization of physical refining oil color is better than water degumming instead of phosphorus degumming; phosphate degumming refining RBO in the tocopherol content is lower than water (17 ¡æ or 25 ¡æ) no effect on color; (65 ¡æ) and low temperature (10 ¡æ) water dewaxing than phosphate degumming (65 ¡æ) and water dewaxing produced by the quality of good oil.

The results of all the tests show that the physical refining of rice bran oil after dewaxing at low temperature (10 ¡æ) can produce high quality rice bran oil with low color, low content of free fatty acid (FFA) and high content of oryzanol and tocopherol.

The above is the physical refining method of rice bran oil, hoping to help you later.

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