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Rice Bran Oil Equipment In The Refining Of The Operating Points

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Rice Bran Oil Equipment In The Refining Of The Operating Points

Rice bran oil equipment to steam distillation method of physical refining process, is deacidification and deodorization of the two processes combined in a device within the method. The acid value of the bran oil we obtained is usually higher, as described above, and the acid value is usually 10 to 20, up to 40. Such high acid prices of crude oil in the use of chemical refining, will produce a lot of alkali soap feet.

In these soap feet entrain a large number of neutral oils and fats, resulting in increased consumption, the bran oil refining rate greatly reduced. At the same time, the formation of a large number of soap feet, environmental protection will also have a negative impact.

Physical refining process in the finished rice bran oil at the same time, but also get more than 85% concentration of free fatty acid by-products. The refining loss of the bran oil is in the vicinity of the percentage of free fatty acids. Production practice has proved that high acid prices bran oil using physical refining, with good economic and technological advantages.

Rice bran oil equipment Refining the physical law of rice bran oil, it is necessary to pretreat to the bran oil before entering the distillation deacidification equipment. Mao rice bran oil to remove mechanical impurities, the phosphate should be degumming, the operation at the same time by adding a small amount of dilute alkali solution, so that soap particles fully adsorbed impurities in the oil, separated. And the full decolorization, remove the pigment, a small amount of glial and trace metal substances and other impurities.

Distillation deacidification device, regardless of the production batch or continuous production, are made of stainless steel corrosion materials, equipment, operation at high temperatures in order to avoid affecting the quality of rice bran oil and equipment corrosion. The structure of the distillation deacidification device is similar to that of the steam distillation deodorizer, but the operating conditions are higher. Rice bran oil physical refining than alkali refining deacidification process, improve the refining yield of about 6%.




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