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Rice Bran Oil Equipment, For Health To Provide More Nutrition

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Rice Bran Oil Equipment, For Health To Provide More Nutrition

Rice bran oil equipment can be achieved on the processing of rice bran refining, is conducive to improving the purity and taste of rice bran oil, rice bran oil extraction is indispensable. The nutrition is the most concentrated rice cortex and germ part of the taste is not good, in the grinding flour when they have been stripped, in order to obtain this part of nutrition, you can choose rice bran oil.

Rice bran by solvent leaching of rice bran oil, its color was dark brown, dark green brown or greenish yellow, which depends on the rice bran storage in the degree of deterioration, oil and processing conditions. In general, rice bran oil by the decolorization can not be completely removed, the production of clear and light and light rice bran oil more difficult. The decolorization of rice bran oil was studied by silica gel column chromatography, and the two methods were used.

The disadvantage is that the mixed oil through the silica gel column (especially solvent leaching of rice bran oil) flow rate is slow. Silicone decolorization can be used in conventional industrial refining process: degumming – a dewaxing – refining – decolorization – secondary dewaxing and deodorization into silica gel column – diafiltration – degumming – dewaxing – refining – decolorization and deodorization processes.

The healthy growth of the body can not be separated from a variety of nutrients, rice bran nutrients in the skin is also particularly good. Made of rice bran made of hand soap can be whitening exfoliating, brighten the skin color, shrink pores, delicate skin purposes, can make the face rosy white shiny. As a healthy plant to extract the oil, for the pores and skin moisturizing effect is very obvious. Tea seed oil equipment, corn oil equipment can also be processed related to grease.




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