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rice bran oil dewaxing process

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rice bran oil dewaxing process

The dewaxing process of rice bran oil involves several steps:

1. Automatic Control Dewaxing and Degreasing: The process works under slow stirring and cools the oil to a certain temperature in a fixed time (technical security). This makes the waxy formed more crystallization.

2. Exhalation: After filtering, it separates the fluid, the oil, and solid fat.

3. Fractionation: The oil will be clean after 5.5 hours in 0°C, but it also can keep the transparency and flowability in the refrigerator and improve the oil quality and appearance.

4. Winterization Filtration Dewaxing: This involves slowly stirring the grease to cool it down, which makes the rice bran wax generate larger crystallization and divide and isolate. The grease and crystallization are then filtered.

5. Storage: The rice bran oil is stored in an oil storage tank, and the rice bran wax is stored in wax storage.

This method does not require any filter aid agent, making the products natural and green. It’s easy to filter, has a high yield, and produces pure by-product edible wax. It’s highly commercial and can suit large-scale commercial run.




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