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Rice Bran Extrusion Process Technology

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Rice Bran Extrusion Process Technology

China is the world’s largest rice producer, with an annual output of 200 million tons of rice. Rice bran is the main by-product of rice processing. In 2014, the output of rice bran in China reached 14.61 million tons, which exceeded the soybean yield in China. The oil content of rice bran averaged about 18%, which is equivalent to soybean. If it can be fully utilized, according to the actual oil yield of 15%, it can produce 2.2 million tons of rice bran oil every year, which can play a significant effect of improving the self-sufficiency rate of edible oil in China by 5-10 percentage points. At present, only 10~15% of rice bran in China is used for extracting rice bran oil or extracting calcium phytate, and most of it is used as livestock and poultry feed.

India, a developing country, uses rice bran far more than China. India has a production capacity of 1.53 million tons per year of refined rice bran oil. In 2014-2015, India produced a total of 950,000 tons of refined rice bran oil.

Rice bran granulation technology has matured in China, and its process is:

Rice bran raw materials → cleaned and removed → iron removal → rice bran extrusion machine → cooling and drying → finished product

Rice bran puffing extrusion is divided into dry puffing and wet puffing, in which dry puffing does not require an auxiliary steam boiler, which is suitable for rice bran oil plants and has low investment cost.

The finished product of rice bran is in the form of flakes, and the moisture content is reduced by 2~4%, which can keep the price of rice bran acid stable for a long time. The safe storage period is up to 3~6 months, completely solve the problem of preservation and oil production, and comprehensively enhance the value of rice bran. Significantly improve the economic benefits of rice bran oil processing enterprises. The rice bran after high temperature extrusion has maintained the original nutritional value and the flavor of the product has been improved.



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