Rice bran can be used to press oil which is called rice bran oil with full nutrition. The rest part after pressing is rice bran meal with same exterior as original rice bran but better in performance. During the heating process, the content of protein got raised, lipase lose activity and harmful material like fungus, and bacteria are removed. The rice bran meal won’t go band at normal storage for three months. The color is yellow and tawny, with rice flavor and baking aroma.

Rice bran cake and meal are produced after cold-pressing and solvent extraction. They are regarded one of the popular livestock feed, which can directly be used for poultry feeding or feed additives. It is rich in protein, coarse fibre, mineral substance, Vitamin B, E, kalium, silicon, amino acid and etc.

Besides rice bran cake, soybean cake, peanut cake, rapeseed cake, etc all can be used as poultry feed. If you want start a cooking oil business, there is no waste for the oilseed. You can sell vegetable both livestock feed to get two profit. Choosing Huatai Oil Machinery will be your good choice, we are professional expert in cereals and oils industry and offer oilseed processing machines at factory price.

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