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TDTG Self-cleaning Bucket Elevator

TDTG Self-cleaning Bucket Elevator

TDTG Self-cleaning Bucket Elevator

Product Introduction:

Henan Huatai Oil Machinery designed the Series of TDTG Self-cleaning Bucket Elevator specially is for continuous vertical conveying of grain. They have small foot space, large conveying capacity and low power consumption.

Generally speaking, the Series of TDTG Self-cleaning Bucket Elevator is suitable for vertical conveying of various powder, fine and coarse grains, and is widely used in oil, feed, flour, starch and other industries. The Series of TDTG Self-cleaning Bucket Elevators elaborately adopt self-cleaning structure to ensure less material residues; The centrifugal discharge can make good sealing performance, stable operation and be more durable.

Conveying Capacity: 50-2400 Tons per day

Operating Principle:

It is a conveying mode that the rotation of the motor drives the coupling, the head pulley and the winnowing pan belt. The winnowing pan on the belt lifts the material from the bottom of the elevator to the required height, and then to feed the material into the hopper by centrifugal force.

Product Features:

1) Firstly, it is for vertical transportation of oilseed, and the structure is compact;

2) Secondly, providing with the joint body base, thereby the power machine, the machine head and riser can effectively connect with the joint body base;

3) Thirsdly, the head pulley adopts the rubber covering process, thereby increasing the friction coefficient and preventing belt slippage and deviation, to improve the transmission efficiency, the save installation time and reduce maintenance cost;

4) The machine head equipped with an anti-stop device, which can prevent the blocking caused by the reverse of the riser due to the emergency stop;

5) The machine base adopts the self-cleaning arcing bottom structure to ensure that the residual of gap between the tail wheel and the bottom groove is controlled;

6) The bucket consists of high-strength plastic or steel bucket, which has the advantages of high strength and large filling factor;

7) Equipped with the maintenance door, observation window, venting port and dust-proof air inlet, and attached safety protection devices such as speed measurement, deviation, anti-blocking and shaft temperature detection;

8) The whole machine has beautiful appearance, large lifting capacity, good sealing performance, long service life, as well as low energy consumption and low material damage rate;

9) All in all, it is widely in various scales of feed mills, flour plants, rice mills, oil factory, grain depots, ports and docks etc.



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