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Rice Bran Wax Refining Machine

Rice Bran Wax Refining Machine

Brief Introduction of Rice Bran Wax Machinery:

Rice bran wax is an important by-product of rice oil processing. The rice bran wax machinery is the new technology of our company. The rice bran wax is extracted from the wax paste of by-product refined from rice bran oil, which not only significantly improves the quality of rice bran oil, but also extracts rice bran wax which has its due value in many aspects. Rice bran wax is widely used in food, daily chemical and chemical industry.

Refined wax: white, light yellow, or brown solid, with a certain hardness, brittleness (zero viscosity), high melting point (about 78.2¡æ), fine crystal, smooth surface, and electrical insulation properties.

Rice bran wax

Rice bran wax production technologyRice bran wax products

Composition of rice bran wax

Quality Index of Extracted Rice Bran Wax:

Acid Value: <10.0
Iodine Value: 10.0max
Saponification Value: 75¡«95
Melting Point: 76¡«82¡æ
Oil Content: <5.0%
Impurity: <0.6%
Moisture content: <0.5%
Color: brown, flaky or granular

Quality Index of Refined Rice Bran Wax:

Acid Value: <13.0
Iodine Value: <15.0
Saponification Value: 75¡«95
Melting Point: 76¡«82¡æ
Oil Content: < 5.0%
Impurity: <0.3%
Moisture Content: <0.3%
Color: light yellow, flaky or granular

Applications of Rice Bran Wax Production:

1) Used as fruit and vegetable spray preservative, used as food packaging and chewing gum, gum and other food additives.
2) Making high-grade shoe polish, floor wax and furniture, automotive, equipment and other glazing wax, leather finishing agent.
3) Used as a plasticizer, stabilizer and lubricant for PVC. Used as a thickener for oil and grease with excellent heat resistance.
4) Used as electrical insulation materials.
5) Used as cosmetics and medical supplies.
6) Manufacture of advanced printing inks, carbon paper inks, and typed wax papers. Used as paper finishing agent and paper product additive for wax paper, glossy paper.

Potential Market Application of Rice Bran Wax Refining Machinery:

After the experimental analysis and sample test, the rice bran wax has been subjected to other subsequent processing such as modification, the quality is stable, and its various high-quality physical and chemical characteristics can replace lignite wax in many chemical fields in the future. With the decrease of global exploitation of non-renewable resources lignite wax year by year, Currently, the global amount of lignite wax is about 3.5-400,000 tons, mainly concentrated in European countries, especially Germany. Rice bran wax is extracted from pure natural green plants and belongs to a renewable resource. It is believed that in the near future, it will bring new developments and opportunities to all related industries.

In the future, we need to put further effort into developing the potential application of rice bran wax.

Rice Bran Wax Follow-up Developable Products:

A: Octacosanol: Octacosanol is an additive for health foods and health drinks, and especially in functional foods such as beverages, candies, capsules, pills, tablets, chocolates, biscuits, and pastries, etc.
B. Triacontanol: Triacontanol is a widely used plant growth promoter and as a fertilizer additive.

Technical Patent Certificate:

Overseas Business Offices and Projects:

30T/D Rice Bran Oil Making Project in Bangladesh

100T/D Rice Bran Oil Factory/Mill Plant in Bangladesh

Huatai Oil Machinery has built 30T/D Rice Bran Oil Making Project in Cambodia

Also we have the business office in Bangladesh, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc. Welcome to visit us, we will provide the latest rice bran oil machine price.



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