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Rice Bran Protein Extraction Machine

rice bran protein extraction machine

Rice Bran Protein Extraction Machine

Type: Rice bran protein machine, rice bran protein extraction plant, rice bran protein extraction technology

Productive Capacity: 30-500 Tons per day

Rice Bran Protein Machine Processing Material: Extracted rice bran cake

Major equipment of Rice Bran Protein Extraction Production line: Immersion cleaner, evaporator, vacuum dryer, acidification tank, washing tank, spray drying tower and centrifuge

rice bran protein extraction machine


Genarally speaking, rice bran can extract the protein, also we can adopt advance rice bran protein technology to obtains high quality rice bran protein and fulfills dietary requirement.

Rice Bran Protein Extraction Description:

Rice bran protein has been found to be of high quality and of importance for food and pharmaceutical applications. It is a plant protein that can be derived from rice bran, an abundant and cheap agricultural byproduct. The protein content in rice bran is about 10-15% and it consists of 37% water-soluble, 31% salt-soluble, 2% alcohol-soluble, and 27% alkali-soluble storage proteins. Its unique property as being hypoallergenic and having anti-cancer activity makes it a superior cereal protein that may find a wide range of applications.

Huatai national patent product (ZL2009 20089515.8.) of rice bran protein production line can effectively extract rice bran protein through processes of rice bran separation, granulation, drying, extraction, low temperature precipitation, defatted seed meal extraction, secondary separation, acid deposition, curd separation, neutralization, sterilization, pressurization, spray drying, and packaging, the scientific designed rice bran protein project realizes integrated scale and industrial production, providing innovative approaches for deep processing of rice bran.

General Introduction of Rice Bran Protein Extraction Technology:

The nation patent invention of rice bran protein production method effectively separates and extracts protein from rice bran, so that fulfills problems of healthy diets issues in daily life.

Ground rice bran separation and granulation. Rice bran is mixed with 5% broken rice, mud, gravel and debris, and separator removes mixer in rice bran, then the separated rice bran enters into tablet granulator forming into grains.

Drying. Heating granulated rice bran and drying it at temperature 80-90 degree until moisture reach 7.5-8.5 %.

Rice bran oil extraction. Firstly, using organic solvent to extract dried rice bran grains. Then rice bran particles after low temperature extraction are desolventized, and solvent rice in rice bran oil enters into evaporator concentrate separation section for rice bran crude oil extraction. Finally, the evaporated solvent is recycled after condensation, and rice bran meal residual is less than 0.8% after extraction.

Low temperature desolventization and extraction. More than 18% crude protein meal is obtained after low temperature desolventization.

Protein separation. The mixture is separated into rice bran residue and protein emulsion by centrifugation.

Secondary extraction and separation. Residual protein is extracted out with concentration in slag of 16% after separation.

rice bran protein extraction process

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