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Rice Bran Oil Production Machine

Rice Bran Oil Production Machine

Rice bran is a bran-based scrap produced during rice processing. Many people use rice bran as feed to feed livestock. In fact, rice bran is also an oil crop, and the nutritional value of rice bran oil is extremely high. Rice bran oil content is 16% – 22%, unsaturated fatty acid content is as high as 70%, of which oleic acid is 42%, linoleic acid is 38%, and is rich in oryzanol. Oryzanol has the effects of reducing platelet aggregation, reducing liver cholesterol synthesis and lowering cholesterol absorption. Rice bran oil is not only edible oil, but also health oil. It is very effective in lowering cholesterol by softening blood vessels.

The pressing of rice bran oil is generally carried out by screw oil press machine. When the screw oil press presses the rice bran, the rice bran must first be fried by the frying machine, and the fry can be scented. The rice bran oil press produced by our company has precise pressing temperature control, large pressure and small oil line gap. The pressed rice bran oil can not only improve the oil yield, but also preserve the unsaturated fatty acid in rice bran oil and reduce the nutrient loss.

In order to satisfy different requirements of rice bran oil pressing, especially for small scale oil production workshop or rice growers, our company have several models for your selection. Single screw oil press machine can be easily installed to start small scale rice bran oil production line, while automatic oil press machine with filters is great choice for movable oil production in country market or bazaars. More importantly, all the models can also extract oils out from other oil-rich plants, so the oil production cannot be limited in rice bran oil, but also vegetable oils.

Rice bran machine production is not only oil pressing, but also include oil filtration and refining, which is important to produce cooking rice bran oil. Plate and frame oil filter machine is highly efficient oil filter machine for rice bran oil. And batch oil refining method is the most cost effective oil machinery for rice bran oil refining.

In conclusion, buying high quality Rice Bran Oil Production Machine from reliable manufacturer or supplier is the most important process before starting your business. You are welcomed to write to us for technical data of our production machinery, complete turnkey production plan, or detailed cost of Rice Bran Oil Production Line!


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