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300T/D Rice Bran Oil Production Line


300T/D Rice Bran Oil Production Line

300TPD Rice bran oil production line is mainly divided into three workshops: rice bran pretreatment workshop, rice bran oil solvent extraction workshop and rice bran oil refining workshop.

rice bran pretreatment machine

1. Rice bran pretreatment workshop equipment:

1) The main equipment of the puffing workshop is:

Bran separation screen, softening and conditioning pot, extruder machine, chain dryer, etc.

2) Rice bran pretreatment process:

Rice bran—rice bran and tips separation section—rice bran softening and condition section—rice bran expansion section—drying—enter rice bran oil solvent extraction plant.

3) Rice bran pretreatment process introduction:

Rice bran, a by-product of the rice milling plant, enters the rice bran pretreatment workshop of the rice bran oil plant after the bran is separated. It is first cleaned to remove impurities. The magnetic separator selects iron impurities and enters the rice bran extruder machine for expansion. The extruded rice bran is due to moisture content. The content is relatively high and needs to be dried in chain dryer and then transported to the rice bran oil solvent extraction workshop via the scraper.

2. Rice bran oil solvent extraction workshop equipment:

1) The main equipment of rice bran oil solvent extraction plant:

Extractor, Evaporator, Stripping tower, Steam stripper, Condenser, etc.

2) Rice bran oil solvent extraction process flow:

Rice bran granules — solvent extraction — miscella — evaporation — stripping — crude rice bran oil

Rice bran contains dissolved wet meal—steamed and removed—finished meal

3) Rice bran oil solvent extraction process introduction:
The extruded rice bran particles enter the rice bran oil extractor and are extracted with organic solvents to obtain miscella. The solvent is evaporated through evaporation and stripping to obtain crude rice bran oil. After the oil is extracted by the solvent, the rice bran becomes bran meal, which is evaporated by the solvent and becomes the finished meal.


3. Rice bran oil refining workshop equipment

1) Main refining sections:

Degumming, Dewaxing, Decolorization, Deacidification, Deodorization, and Degreasing

2) Rice bran oil refining process flow:

Crude rice bran oil—degumming, washing, drying—dewaxing—decolorization—deacidification, deodorization—degreasing—finished oil.

3) Rice bran oil refining plant introduction:
Crude rice bran oil becomes refined oil after degumming by heating water and phosphoric acid, winterizing and dewaxing, alkali refining and deacidification, adding white clay for decolorization, vacuum deodorization and degreasing.



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