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300T/D Rice Bran Oil Production Line

300T/D Rice Bran Oil Production Line300T/D Rice Bran Oil Production Line


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300T/D Rice Bran Oil Production Line


300T/D rice bran oil production line mainly includes: pretreatment section, bran and tips separation section, softening and conditioning section, rice bran expanding section, solvent extraction section, desolventizing and toasting section, evaporation section, condensation system, Dewaxing, deodorizing, winterizing.

Dewaxing is an important section of rice bran oil refining, dewaxing effect directly influence refined oil quality and rice bran wax comprehensive utilization. Common dewax is frozen crystals, then separated by mechanical means oil and wax, dewaxing process without adding any auxiliary agents and auxiliary means. Separation commonly used bag filter, pressure filtration, vacuum filtration and centrifugation method. The simplest is one time crystallization, filtration methods.

Deodorized rice bran oil, transferred to a cooling tank , slowly stirred and then separated by filtration oils, waxes. After filtration to time with compressed air blowing oil of wax. Due to low dewaxing temperature, big viscosity, difficult to separate, so that rice bran oil contains a high amount of wax adopts twice crystals filtered methods, after two filtration, the oil contained in the wax content is less than 0.3%.

Our patented product, rice bran expanding and extraction equipment obtained Scientific Achievement Award and outstanding new product award in 2008, also won the second Award of National Scie-Tech progess, Silver Award on the eighteenth National Exhibition of Inventions and Gold Award on the eighteenth National Exhibition of Inventions. Gold Award on the eighteenth National Exhibition of Inventions. Our products sell well in more than 30 provinces, cities and districts, and are exported to Bolivia, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Malaysia, Russia, Zambia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries & regions, and now we have developed into a major oil machinery manufacturing base in China.

Success Case

Raw material: Rice bran
Processing capacity: 300TPD Pretreatment and extraction, 60TPD Oil Refining
Description: Customer from Pakistan has signed contract for the project of 300TPD Rice Bran Expansion, Solvent Extraction, 60TPD Rice Bran Oil Refinery Plants with Henan Hutai. We are in charge of whole project design, rice bran oil process equipment manufacture and installation for customers. Henan Huatai promises the most qualified rice bran oil mill plants and the first class after sale services.

Our Service

If you have any questions about machinery, or equipment operation for many years and you want to transform the factory, Henan Huatai will solve these problems for you. Henan Huatai Cereals And Oils Machinery Co.,Ltd always put product quality and customer interests as the first, insist on the better service concept, we will provide high quality products according to promise on perfect site services and after-sales service. Specific services is as follows:

1. To provide complete sets of equipment and accessories on time.
2. Henan Huatai would send an engineer to the country of customer for the installation guide, training technicians and operators for the customer.
3. After-assembly Equipment. Our company will be in charge of stand-alone equipment debugging, online debugging and feeding trial run, ensure the normal operation of the equipment in full load condition.
4. Equipment Operation. If equipments have any problems or the customer want to transform and expand the scale of production, all problems you can contact us, we will provide customers the best solution.

High quality service is what we are pursuing. Our service is available all around the world. And our high quality service team is ready to provide you with fast and efficient service from the tailored solutions for competitive production process to free training of complete plant installation.

Why choose HuaTai?

1.Henan Huatai Cereals And Oils Machinery Co.,Ltd has a professional R&D team, continuous innovation, won several national patents, our professional engineer team will design a customized for you to save cost and create more benefit for you and environmental protection of the equipment as much as possible according to your requirements.

2.Our belief is ” wining through fine process”. Henan Huatai factory covers an area of 100000 square meters, including manufacturing workshop area more than 21600 square meters. Our factory is equipped with a standard professional production workshop, 2 sets machining workshop and 12 sets engineering installation department, etc. Huatai machinery has all kinds of advanced production and processing equipment 120 units, including lathe, planer, milling machine, drilling machine more than 80 units, 10 sets cut sheet molding equipment, welding equipment with submerged arc automatic welding machine 6 units, dc welding machine, ac welding machine more than 80 sets, also equipped with all kinds of high quality auxiliary equipment and testing equipment. Welcome to visit our factory!

3.Henan Huatai adheres to the principle of “perfect delivery”, installation and debugging equipment for you, for your training operators and daily maintenance of machine and some handling daily glitches.