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150T/D Rice Bran Oil Production Line


150T/D Rice Bran Oil Production Line

Rice bran oil can be produced by oil pressing or oil solvent extraction. The crude oil contains various active enzymes and impurities, which will cause the rice bran raw materials and extracted crude oil to acidify quickly. Therefore, the raw materials and crude oil need to be processed in time to ensure its quality.

rice bran oil pretreatment machine

The oil content of rice bran is low, and the extraction efficiency of rice bran oil pressing process is low and the output is small. However, the rice bran oil solvent extraction process in rice bran oil solvent extraction plant can well extract the oil in the rice bran and control the amount of residual oil in the extracted cake to a low proportion. The production efficiency is high and the oil yield is high, so rice bran oil plants with larger output usually choose the rice bran oil solvent extraction process to produce rice bran oil.

The 150TPD rice bran oil production line can be divided into three parts: rice bran pretreatment section, rice bran oil solvent extraction section, and crude rice bran oil refining section.

Rice Bran Oil Pretreatment Process:

1. Rice bran and tips separation section: Rice bran first needs to pass through bran separation screen to remove impurities such as broken rice and coarse bran husks.

2. Rice bran softening and condition section: The cleaned rice bran will be sent to the conditioning pot, where its temperature and moisture will be adjusted to a state suitable for expansion.

3. Rice bran expansion section: The purpose of expansion is to destroy the cell tissue of rice bran, change its internal porosity, and increase the permeability inside the rice bran, thereby improving the efficiency of rice bran extraction.

4. Drying: Before solvent extraction, rice bran needs to be dried, which is more conducive to its storage. At the same time, the moisture and temperature of the dried rice bran are also more conducive to the oil extraction.

rice bran oil solvent extraction plant

Rice Bran Oil Solvent Extraction Process:

The pretreated rice bran will enter the rice bran oil solvent extraction plant. Here, the rice bran will react with organic solvents and fully contact the rice bran cake through spraying, soaking, etc., thereby extract out the oil in the rice bran to obtain miscella. The miscella will go through evaporation, stripping and other steps to vaporize the solvent and separate it from the oil, thereby obtaining crude rice bran oil.


Rice Bran Oil Refining Process:

The process flow of rice bran oil refining plant to oil mainly includes the following steps:

1. Crude oil filtration: Crude rice bran oil contains impurities such as cake residue, oil feet, soap stock, meal powder, etc. These impurities will affect subsequent rice bran oil refining process and increase oil loss. Filtration can use physical methods such as sedimentation, filtration, and centrifugation to remove insoluble impurities in crude rice bran oil.

2. Refining and degumming: Commonly used methods for degumming include hydration, acid refining and enzymatic degumming. Degumming can remove phospholipids, mucilage, resins, proteins, sugars, trace metals, etc. from crude oil to prepare for further refining.

rice bran oil refinery plant
3. Refining deacidification: Commonly used methods for deacidification include caustic soda or alkali neutralization method. The main purpose of refining and deacidification is to remove FFA (free fatty acids), acidic pigments, sulfides, oil-insoluble impurities and trace metals in oil to ensure the food safety of oil.

4. Refining and dewaxing: Dewaxing or degreasing mainly uses freezing, crystallization or winterization crystallization, and fractionation to remove wax fat or solid fat in oil. The wax content in rice bran oil is about 3% to 9%, which will increase the cloud point of the oil, reduce the transparency and digestion and absorption rate of the oil, and worsen the smell and palatability, thereby reducing the eating quality, nutritional value of rice bran oil and industrial use value, so they need to be removed.



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