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100T/D Rice Bran Oil Factory Plant

100T/D Rice Bran Oil Production Line100T/D Rice Bran Oil Production Line


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100T/D Rice Bran Oil Factory Plant

Oil-content of rice bran is 14%-24%, it is a low oil-content oil materials. Compared with other oilseeds, it has the following characteristics: High starch content, variety of enzymes, easy to rancidity; Containing lecithin, bran wax and other colloidal substance; Small density, fine grain, high powder, many varieties. So, rice bran oil extraction process is very special, it needs pretreatment and pre-press machine, solvent extraction plant and rice bran oil refinery plant.

Rice bran extrusion process technology, rice bran solvent extraction plant technology and one grade rice bran oil refinery plant are patent product of Henan Huatai Oil Machinery. Crude rice bran oil has high acid value, deep color, high content of wax and fat. But after refining, rice bran oil has high nutritional value, is healthy edible oil.

Henan Huatai Oil Machinery is one of the earliest enterprises for researching rice bran oil factory plant, and design and contract to build the China first full continuous one grade rice bran oil production line, rice bran expanding process technology and one grade rice bran oil refine got the national patent certification.

Pretreatment and pre-press machine of rice bran oil plant:
The complete rice bran pretreatment and pre-press machine includes: cleaning machine, extrusion machine, pressing machine

Rice bran cleaning section:
Using a variety of equipment to separate the impurities of oilseeds. Main steps: Screening, Magnetic separation, Specific gravity stoner, etc.

Rice bran extrusion section:
The process technology of rice bran extrusion section can make the powder of rice bran become columnar structure of porous and good permeability, increase the density of rice bran, so that improve the seepage velocity of solvent, reduce residual oil of cake;

Rice bran pressing section:
Our rice bran pre-pressing plant has high oil extraction rate and stable performance; our rice bran pre-pressing plant can extract rice bran oil from rice bran

Solvent extraction plant of rice bran oil factory plant:
The production line of rice bran oil extraction machine is a type of safe and technology advanced oil processing craft on basis of chemical extraction theory. 90% oil processing amount of developed countries use oil extraction process.

Major processes of Rice Bran Oil Solvent Extraction Plant:
1. Oil extraction process
2. Steam removal process
3. Evaporation process
4. Solvent cooling and water separation process
5. Tail gas absorption process

Requirements for extraction material, steam, water, electricity etc:
1, Moisture of extraction material: 5-8%;
2, Temperature of extraction material: 50-55℃;
3, Oil Content of extraction material: 14-18%;
4, Thickness of extraction cake: ≤13mm;
5, Powder degree of extraction material: ≤15% (30 meshes);
6, Steam: ≥ 0.6Mpa;

7, Solvent: national standard No.6 solvent oil;
8, Power electricity: 50HZ ,3 * 380V;
9, Lighting electricity: 50HZ, 220V ± 10%;
10, Temperture of supplement water : ≤ 25 ℃,hardness: ≤10;
11, Volume of supplement water : 1-2 M3/t raw material;
12,Temperture of recycle water: ≤ 32℃.

Oil refinery plant of rice bran oil factory plant:
Edible oil/cooking oil is our necessary good in our daily life. So more and more investors or business man find this business opportunity to start oil refinery factories. The oil refinery machinery is also more and more popular, especially rice bran oil refinery plant.

Rice bran oil is a kind of special oil. Because sunflower oil refining process includes degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization. Rice bran oil also need dewaxing machinery besides refining machinery. Which can up to the national first grade cooking oil standard.

Process Flow chart of Rice Bran Oil Refining Production Line:

Major processes of Rice Bran Oil Refinery Plant:
1. Oil degumming process
2. Oil deacidification process
3. Oil decolorization process
4. Oil deodorization process
5. Oil dewaxing process