Before extracting rice bran oil, the oil equipment needs to be pre-treated, including steaming and frying, granulating and puffing. The following professional manufacturer of oil equipment Henan Huatai Machinery will introduce you to these three operations in detail.

1. Steamed

Steaming is done by adding an appropriate amount of water or steam to the bulk oil and then steaming. Generally, the temperature of the embryo after steaming and frying is 108-110 degrees, the moisture content is 9%-99.5%. Therefore, the temperature and moisture content need to be lowered during transportation.

2. Granulation

Water is added to the rice bran, and then the granules are pressed, followed by drying the granules. The granulation operation reduces the powder degree of the rice bran in the oil extraction equipment, improves the bulk density of the rice bran, improves its permeability, reduces the impurities in the rice bran oil, and improves the extraction efficiency of rice bran oil extraction machinery.

3. Puffing

The expansion of rice bran is classified into dry puffing and wet puffing. Dry puffing is to first modulate the moisture of rice bran, then pass through high pressure and high temperature in the extruder, then carry on cool and hydrate. Wet puffing is to first add water to the rice bran, then adjust the water for high temperature puffing. Puffing turns rice bran into a loose structure with numerous micropores, which improves the fresh-keeping effect of rice bran and also improves the quality of oil extracted from by oil equipment.

The above is the pretreatment operation of the oil equipment before extracting the rice bran oil, to help everyone understand.

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