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Oil Extraction Equipment Working Principle

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Oil Extraction Equipment Working Principle

1. The basic process of extraction process oil: Extraction process oil is the principle of the application of extraction, the use of a certain organic solvent that can dissolve grease, after contact with the oil (soaking or spraying), so that the oil in the oil is extracted out of a system Oil method.

The basic process is: Immersing the oil embryo (or pre-bake cake) in the selected solvent, so that the grease is dissolved in the solvent (composed of mixed oil), and then the mixed oil is separated from the solid residue (ÆÉ), and the mixed oil is pressed again. Evaporation and stripping are performed at different boiling points to vaporize the solvent into vapor and oil to obtain oil and fat (extraction oil). Solvent vapors are condensed, cooled, and recovered for continued use.

The wolfberry also contains a certain amount of solvent, which has been dried after being desolved and dried. The solvent vapor that is volatilized during the desolvation and drying process is still condensed and cooled for recycling.
2. The advantages of extraction process oil: The extraction process oil has the advantages of low residual oil rate (high oil yield), low labor intensity, good working environment, and good quality of hydrazine.

It can be seen that compared with the pressing method and the leaching method, the oil production is indeed an advanced method of oil production and is currently widely used.
3. The basic principle of oil extraction: Oil extraction, also known as “extraction”, is the process of extracting oil from oils with organic solvents. The extraction of oil can be regarded as solid-liquid extraction.

It is the process of separating the related components in solid materials by using solvents to have different solubility of different substances. At the time of extraction, the oil is treated with a solvent in which readily soluble components (mainly oils and fats) dissolve in the solvent. When the extraction of the oil is carried out at rest, the oil is transferred in the form of molecules, which are “molecular diffusion”.

However, most of the extraction process is carried out with relative motion between the solvent and the granules. Therefore, in addition to molecular diffusion, the extraction process also has a convection diffusion process that depends on the flow of the solvent.

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