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Manufacturing Process of Rice Bran Oil

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Manufacturing Process of Rice Bran Oil

The rice bran oil manufacturing is done with chemical solvents or using pressing process. Here we suggest a small capacity rice bran oil guide and have used the pressing method, while large capacity units employ solvent making technique. We have to state that the hot extraction method will provide high quality and more yield when compared to the cold pressing method. When refers to rice bran oil production, the following three steps are essential, i.e., are preparing raw material preparing, extracting bran oil, and the last one is refining crude oil.

Rice Bran Raw Material Preparation: Before extracting oil from rice husk, the raw material is prepared thoroughly. Rice bran is screened primarily and later heated using steam at a temperature greater than 100°C to inhibit Lipase hydrolysis in rice bran before extraction is done.

Rice Bran Oil Extraction: You can extract the crude rice bran oil using a solvent in a chemical method or in a mechanical way with oil presses. After proper processing, the bran is fully stable enough for the extraction process where the oil is extracted, giving two products, a high-quality crude rice bran oil, and defatted rice bran.

Rice Bran Oil Refining: Crude rice bran oil is again processed in a process called refining, which separates the majority of free fatty acids and prepares an oil that is appropriate for a variety of animal or agricultural uses. Edible oil bleaching shows traces of minor flavor and odor compounds that must be separated using steam distillation before packaging. Some people demand de-waxed oil and hence a de-waxing process is carried out before distillation.



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