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Is there any byproduct from making rice bran oil?

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Is there any byproduct from making rice bran oil?

Yes, there are some byproducts from making rice bran oil. One of them is de-oiled rice bran, which is the residue left after the extraction of oil from rice bran. De-oiled rice bran is used as a feed ingredient for fish and animals. Another byproduct is rice bran wax, which is obtained from the wax sludge during the refining process of rice bran oil. Rice bran wax has various applications in the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. Also, the production of rice bran oil results in several byproducts. These include:

Extraction residues
Wax sludge
Gum sludge
Soap stock sludge
Fatty acid distillate
Deodorizer distillate
These byproducts contain a considerable amount of bioactive compounds, which can be significant sources of functional ingredients in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The major byproducts of rice bran oil include γ-Oryzanol, ferulic acid, inositol, phytic acid, tocotrienol, and geranylgeraniol.

Rice bran that has not been defatted is a useful binder in mixed feeds. Defatted rice bran can be used at higher levels than ordinary rice bran.

These byproducts are not only valuable but also support circular economy and waste disposal management development.



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