Crude rice bran oil is the oil that has not been refined or processed after extraction. It may contain some impurities, such as wax, gums, free fatty acids, pigments, and odors. Therefore, it is important to store it properly to prevent spoilage and deterioration. Here are some tips on how to store crude rice bran oil:

Store your crude rice bran oil containers in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. Sunlight can trigger decomposition and oxidation of the oil, which can affect its quality and shelf life.
If your crude rice bran oil is unrefined, it is better to refrigerate it as refrigeration can prolong its shelf life. However, refrigeration may also cause some cloudiness or solidification of the oil, which can be reversed by warming it up before use.
Keep your crude rice bran oil containers tightly sealed to prevent exposure to air and moisture. Air and moisture can cause rancidity and microbial growth in the oil, which can make it unsafe and unpleasant to use.
Do not mix your crude rice bran oil with other oils or substances, as this may alter its composition and properties. Use a clean and dry utensil to measure or pour the oil, and avoid cross-contamination.
Check the appearance, smell, and taste of your crude rice bran oil before using it. If you notice any signs of spoilage, such as discoloration, cloudiness, sedimentation, sourness, or off-odors, discard the oil immediately.
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