Generally, rice bran should be pretreated immediately, and then drying to storage. Because rice bran as by-product of rice mill plant contains much active enzymes which can resolve fat into free fatty acid (FFA) and water, which will result into rancidity. And the quality of final rice bran oil will be unqualified, too.

Right rice bran storage way good for produce rice bran oil:

Rice bran — Cleaning — Moisture conditioning — Puffing — Drying — Storage

Because rice bran has low oil content, pretreatment-solvent extraction method is usually adopted. After pretreatment, rice bran can preserve 10-15 days, and the acid value will not increase rapidly. Then, the rice bran can be sent into rice bran solvent extraction plant to process.

If rice bran with high acid value, the color of final rice bran oil will be dark. So fresh rice bran should be processed in time, or it will affect oil yield and quality.

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