One of the methods to remove the solvent left in the extracted rice bran oil is to use a desolventizer, which is a device that heats and dries the wet meal to evaporate the solvent and recover it for reuse. Another method is to use a steam-stripping column, which uses steam to strip the solvent from the oil and condense it for recycling. Both methods aim to reduce the residual solvent in the oil to a safe level and prevent any adverse effects on the quality and safety of the oil.

The solvent left in the extracted rice bran oil can be removed through a process of evaporation and stripping. This involves using equipment such as the first evaporator, second evaporator, and stripping column. The solvent in the oil is completely evaporated, resulting in pure oil. The final step is solvent recovery, which is a crucial part. This process ensures that the oil is free from any residual solvent. Please consult with a professional or a trusted source before attempting this process to ensure safety and effectiveness.