We all know that the motor is the power system of the rice bran oil extraction machinery, so its importance is obvious. The correct protection of the motor can extend its service life! The following is a brief analysis of how the motor should be protected by Huatai Oil Machinery, the oil machinery manufacturer.

1. Adjustment of material flow direction. The direction of the material flow should be consistent with that of the conveyor belt, which can greatly improve the service life of the rice bran oil extraction plant.

2. Improving the falling hopper of the conveyor belt is the main reason for preventing the early damage to the motor of the rice bran oil extraction equipment, Improved hopper transfer place of complete set oil extraction equipment to increase its capacity of passing the foreign object by 2.5 times.

3. The conveyor presses the pulley at the concave transition. Practice has proved that the transverse strength of the steel rope conveyor belt is insufficient. When it is started, the pressure belt pulley causes the belt to be partially stressed too much, which leads to tearing the conveyor belt. Changing the pressure belt pulley to the pressure belt roller, which can completely solve this problem.

4. Add a scraping device at the reversing drum. In addition, a scraping equipment group is added at the reversing drum along the conveyor belt of the rice bran oil extraction equipment, in order to eliminate the degree of adhesion of the material at the reversing drum, and to solve the damage of the conveyor belt caused by the sticking of the drum.

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