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How to Make Rice Bran Oil?

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How to Make Rice Bran Oil?

Rice bran oil is a form of oil produced from the hard outer layer of rice, which is known for its high smoke point and mild flavor. Rice bran oil is produced from rice bran, an oily layer in between the paddy husk and white rice. This oil is the oil extracted from the hard outer brown layer of rice called chaff or rice husk. It is known for its high smoke point of 232°C (450°F) and mild flavor, making it appropriate for high-temperature cooking methods such as stir frying and deep frying.

The Rice bran oil is known as wonder oil for its numerous health advantages. It has a number of benefits over other edible oils because of the presence of a unique antioxidant known as oryzanol. Rice bran oil is regarded as a miracle product obtained from the outer layer of the brown rice. Rice bran is by-product obtained during rice milling function. This is golden reddish cuticle obtained after removal of the husk and through polishing of the rice.

The manufacturing process of Rice bran oil:
Generally, Rice bran oil can be extracted by chemical solvents or pressed directly from rice bran. Here we recommend small capacity Rice bran oil can choose expelling pressing method, while large capacity takes the solvent making technique. We have to mention that hot extraction method which would obtain more oil yield and purer edible oil than the cold pressing method. When refers to rice bran oil production line, the following three processing steps are important they are raw material preparation, Rice bran oil extraction, and crude oil refining.

Rice bran raw material preparation:

Like other oil bearing materials, before making oil from rice husk, these raw materials must have been fully prepared. Rice bran is first screened and then heated by the steam process at a temperature higher than 100°C to stop Lipase hydrolysis in rice bran prior to the extraction process.


You can extract the crude rice bran oil either by a mechanical process with oil presses or by a chemical method with solvent. After proper preparation, the bran is fully stabilized and sent to an extraction region where oil is removed, yielding two products, a high-quality crude rice bran oil, and defatted rice bran.

Then the rice bran oil is pumped into the refining machinery to generate different grades of Rice bran oil. The refining process generally includes filtering, neutralization, degumming, decolorization, deodorization, and dewax, etc.

Rice bran oil refining:
Crude rice bran oil is further processed by the refining process, which removes the majority of free fatty acids and provides oil with minimal processing suitable for a variety of animal or agricultural applications. Edible oil bleaching normally leaves minor flavor and odor compounds that must be eliminated by steam distillation before packaging. However, those customers that require de-waxed oil have their oil go through a de-waxing process before distillation.

Steam distillation is the final step in the edible oil procedure and it is here that any off flavors and residual free fatty acids left in the oil are removed. Once the Rice bran oil has been fully processed, it is ready for packaging into retail bottles, food service pails or bulk drums.



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