Improving the efficiency of a rice bran oil pressing machine can be achieved through several methods:

1. Higher Oil Yield: Directional pressure-bearing and multilevel promotion can increase the oil yield by 10%-30%.

2. High Productivity: Strengthening the feeding system and increasing the advancing speed can improve the working efficiency by more than 30%.

3. Cleaning Equipment: Using a bran selenium separator screen to remove impurities from the rice bran ensures higher oil quality in the extraction.

4. Steam Cooker: Regulating temperature and humidity with a steam cooker can improve the efficiency of oil extraction.

5. Maturation: Heating the rice bran on the ground for 10-20 hours can increase the oil yield and reduce the acid value. This process allows the rice bran to absorb moisture to about 50%, and then it is put in a steamer heated by SAIC. The amount of water added to the pot depends on the amount of bran. After SAIC, add the second and third layers until it is full, and at the same time use steel wire or bamboo sticks to pierce a few holes to make the steam distribution uniform and rapid.

Remember, these are general suggestions and may not apply to all types of rice bran oil pressing machines. Always consult with a professional or your machine’s manufacturer for specific advice.