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How to Extract Oil from Rice Bran?

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How to Extract Oil from Rice Bran?

Rice bran oil is extracted from rice bran, a by-product of rice processing. There are two main methods for extracting oil from rice bran: pressing and solvent extraction.

The pressing method involves using a series of pretreatment equipment to clean and process the rice bran. Firstly, cleaning equipment such as a bran selenium separator screen is used to remove impurities from the rice bran, ensuring higher oil quality in the extraction. Next, a steam cooker is used to regulate temperature and humidity, improving the efficiency of oil extraction. Finally, a screw oil press is used to press the rice bran and extract the crude oil. To obtain a purer crude oil, a plate filter can be used to remove impurities from the crude oil.

The rice bran oil solvent extraction method involves using chemical solvents to extract the oil. The rice bran undergoes pre-pressing in the pre-pressing device to extract a portion of the oil. The remaining rice bran cake goes into the oil extractor for further extraction. During the rice bran oil extraction process, a solvent extractor is used to thoroughly mix the solvent with the oilseed. After 2 hours of mixing, the oilseed and the N-hexane are separated, resulting in an oil-solvent mixture called miscella and wet meal. The wet meal including the amount of solvent is about 25%-35%. This part of solvent can be recovered and reused. The miscella then undergoes wet meal decolonizing followed by solvent evaporation and stripping using equipment such as the first evaporator, second evaporator, and stripping column to completely evaporate the solvent in the oil, resulting in pure oil.



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