How rice bran oil is made? How to start rice bran solvent extraction plant? A complete rice bran oil production line generally includes 3 sections: pre-processing, oil extracting, and oil refining.

Rice Bran Pre-processing
Pre-processing generally includes the processes of screening and heating, set for making the rice bran well prepared for oil extraction, just like extraction of other oilseeds.

The purpose of heating is stabilize the rice bran materials. There are two methods of stabilization, chemicals or using heat. Heat method causes the enzymes inside the rice bran to deactivate in 100-120¡æ, which is done by heat injection or extrusive cooking. Stabilization is very crucial to remove the bacteria and enzymes that cause the rice bran to get spiteful and to lower the fat acid rate.

Rice Bran Oil Extraction Process
After specific preprocessing, the rice bran is fully stabilized and can be sent to oil extracting section. Screw oil pressing/expelling and solvent extraction are the two common plant oil making process. Which process should be choose then?

Screw Pressing: Suitable for mini or small scale oil production. (1-20ton/day production)
Solvent Extraction: To achieve higher oil yield and improve production efficiency, solvent is used in most industrial or commercial rice oil project. It is ideal choice for medium to large rice bran oil factory. (Capacity can be up to 100ton/day). Click here to see details of solvent extraction machine

Extraction by using volatile solvent is the best way for mid and large scale oil mill. Then, the extracted bran rice oil is separated from the solvent through vaporization, the best solvent to use is ethanol. The remaining rice bran waste can be used as a fodder due to its high rate of carbohydrate and protein.

There are two outputs in this step: crude rice bran oils, and defatted rice bran meal.

Rice Bran Oil Refining Process
Basic oil refining steps: clay compound (dewaxing), phosphatides (degumming), fat acid (saponification), dye (bleaching) and scent (deodorization).

Refining process is set to remove the majority of free fatty acids and bran wax in crude oil, and make the oil suitable for different applications such as edible oil, biodiesel oil, food additives, etc. The crude rice bran oil will be degummed by enzymatic method, then deacidified and decolorized by enzymatic method. In some cases when processing dewaxed oil, de-waxing process is also included in oil refinery plant. Steam distillation is the last step of edible rice bran oil production. The purpose is to remove any off flavors and residual free fatty acids. In middle-large rice bran oil factory, refining plant is built to improve the quality of final oil. (Related Equipment: Small Scale Oil Refinery Machine)

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