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How to design rice bran oil plant?

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How to design rice bran oil plant?

Designing a rice bran oil plant involves several steps and equipment. Here’s a general process that you can follow:

Rice Bran Pre-processing: This includes the processes of screening and heating, which prepare the rice bran for oil extraction1. The purpose of heating is to stabilize the rice bran materials. There are two methods of stabilization: chemicals or using heat1. Heat method causes the enzymes inside the rice bran to deactivate in 100-120℃, which is done by heat injection or extrusive cooking.

Rice Bran Oil Extraction: After specific preprocessing, the rice bran is fully stabilized and can be sent to oil extracting section. Screw oil pressing / expelling and solvent extraction are the two common plant oil making processes. Screw Pressing is suitable for mini or small scale oil production1. Solvent Extraction is used to achieve higher oil yield and improve production efficiency, it is ideal choice for medium to large rice bran oil factory.

Oil Refining: This step involves refining the crude oil to meet the standards of edible oil. It may include degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization, and dewaxing processes.

Remember that this is a general guide and the specific process might vary depending on the specific requirements of your plant. It’s always best to consult with professionals or companies that specialize in setting up oil extraction plants for detailed guidance.




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