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How to choose rice bran oil production equipment?

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How to choose rice bran oil production equipment?

Choosing the right equipment for rice bran oil production is crucial for top-notch production and oil quality. Here are some steps and considerations:

1. Understanding the Rice Bran Oil Market: The rice bran oil market has seen significant growth in recent years. Countries in Asia-Pacific, especially India, China, Japan, and Thailand, are key players. However, North America is also catching up.

2. Business Model Selection: Your choice of business model can shape the trajectory of your venture. You can choose between small scale production (for newcomers aiming to tap into a niche market), medium scale production (for businesses targeting a broader audience), or large scale production.

3. Machinery & Equipment Selection: Essential equipment from trusted edible oil mill manufacturers is key to the extraction phase. Single screw oil press machines can be easily installed for small scale rice bran oil production, while automatic oil press machines with filters are a great choice for movable oil production in country markets or bazaars.

4. Rice Bran Oil Extraction Process: After specific preprocessing, the rice bran is fully stabilized and can be sent to the oil extracting section. Screw oil pressing / expelling and solvent extraction are the two common plant oil making processes. The choice between these two processes depends on your production scale and efficiency requirements.

5. Rice Bran Oil Production Line: A complete rice bran oil production line generally includes 3 sections: pre-processing, oil extracting, and oil refining. Each section requires specific equipment and machinery.

Remember, it’s important to consult with industry experts or a professional company that can offer a customized A-to-Z solution of rice bran oil production, including project design, equipment manufacturing, on-site project construction & commissioning, and plant operation guidance.



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