The cost of a rice bran oil machine depends on various factors, such as the type, capacity, automation grade, and manufacturer of the machine. The price may vary depending on the quality, features, and specifications of the machine. Some factors that may affect the price are:

1. The production capacity of the machine: The higher the capacity, the more expensive the machine. For example, a oil equipment with a capacity of 60-100 ton/day may cost more than a machine with a capacity of 5T/D.

2. The automation grade of the machine: The more automated the machine, the more convenient and efficient it is. However, this may also increase the cost of the machine. For example, an automatic rice bran oil equipment may cost more than a semi-automatic or manual one.

3. The design and material of the machine: The design and material of the machine may affect its durability, performance, and maintenance. For example, a stainless steel rice bran oil machine may be more resistant to corrosion and wear than a mild steel one.

4. The manufacturer and supplier of the machine: The reputation, experience, and service quality of the manufacturer and supplier may influence the price of the machine. For example, a well-known and trusted manufacturer may offer a higher quality and warranty for their products than a less-known one.

Therefore, to get an accurate and reliable estimate of the cost of a rice bran oil machine, it is advisable to contact different manufacturers and suppliers and compare their offers based on your specific requirements and budget. You can also check online reviews and ratings of different oil machines to get an idea of their performance and customer satisfaction.


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