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How Much Do You Know About Rice Bran Oil Before Use?

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How Much Do You Know About Rice Bran Oil Before Use?

Refined rice bran oil is light yellow to brown yellow oily liquid, relative density (15/25 ¡æ) 0.913 ~ 0.928. Melting point -5 ~ -10 ¡æ. Iodine value of 98 ~ 110. The main components of oleic acid, linoleic acid and palmitic acid triglycerides. Unrefined bran oil contains 3% to 5.5% unsaponifiable matter. Rice bran oil acid value is high, containing about 25% of the free acid, in addition to containing bran 1% to 5%, bran wax 3% to 9%, phospholipids 1% to 2% and a small amount of other impurities are mainly oryzanol, And higher fatty alcohols.

How much do you know about rice bran oil before use

Rice bran obtained by processing rice is made by pressing or leaching. Rice bran oil is about 18%. In addition to food, can be used for making soap, hardened oil, glycerol, stearic acid, oleic acid, paint resin. Refined after edible.

Rice bran oil fatty acid composition is more balanced, and is rich in Ve, complex lipid, phospholipids, triene tocopherol, squalene, phytosterol (5%), oryzanol (0.5%) dozens of natural bioactive ingredients, Unsaturated fatty acid content of up to 80% or more. It is a unique and precious healthy edible oil. Is the production of nutritious oil, blending oil, frying oil, food raw materials of good oil.



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