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Henan Huatai Singed The Contract of 150TPD Continuous Physical Rice Bran Oil Refining Equipment With Peru IGAS

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Henan Huatai Singed The Contract of 150TPD Continuous Physical Rice Bran Oil Refining Equipment With Peru IGAS

On June 6, 2016, Henan Huatai Creals and Oils Machinery Co.,LTD signed a contract with the Peru IGASA 150 tonscontinuous physical oil refining equipment come into force in the course of the contract, through the efforts of business managers and engineers with the perfect cooperation, to provide customers with comprehensive quality services, won the customer satisfaction.Its success is not only a contract to one company in Henan Huatai affirmation secret Luyijiasa will also inject new vitality into the development of the company.

In order to meet growing market demand, and actively expand the production scale, the company decided to invest in Peru IGASA 150 tons continuous physical refining equipment, which is Peru’s third collaboration with Henan Huatai, select Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery Co.,LTD——The Chinese leader in the field of grain and oil machinery, state-level high-tech enterprises, three new board listed companies.

We buy Henan Huatai company’s equipment, because the company is the development, design, manufacture, installation in one of the major grain and oil machinery manufacturing enterprises, attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, the production of grain dryer equipment has a unique scientific and technological advantages, high technology, excellent energy-saving and environmental protection, quality. At home and abroad in the same industry leading position, to use safe and secure, favored by the market. “When asked why ordering Henan Huatai company’s equipment, Peru Luyijiasa company official said.

As a field of grain machine leader, Henan Huatai Our company has developed into the most complete qualifications, large-scale oil machinery manufacturing enterprises, and become COFCO, Shuanghui Group, Xiwang Group, Shanghai Golden Monkey Group, Sweden Alfa Laval the company, the French company Louis Dreyfus and other well-known domestic and foreign enterprises equipment suppliers.

In order to bring products to market and win market, Henan Huatai company focused on creating service brand, providing customers with free lifetime service. From the equipment off the production line, the equipment installation and commissioning qualified, so until the customer satisfied.

Technology innovation and development, product quality of survival’ It is our consistent principle. We will strictly inspect every working procedure, does not allow any defects into the market. “Deputy Secretary-General Branch of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association grease, Henan CPPCC Henan Huatai company chairman Yan Peng son said.

Secret Luyijiasa companies need Nissan 150 tons continuous physical refining equipment by Henan Huatai company responsible for the whole, from the design drawings, equipment manufacturing, factory acceptance, installation, commissioning and after-sales service and other relevant areas, Huatai company’s technical staff will be high standards and strict requirements for the production of qualified satisfaction with the company secret Luyijiasa equipment.

Currently, the sets of 150T continuous physical oil refining equipment has begun production, it is expected delivery before the end of August 2016.




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