When the cooking oil equipment extracts oilseeds, it generally needs to be completed in a low temperature environment. Therefore, in order to enable the cooking oil machinery to better perform the oil extracting work, it is necessary to keep the working environment of the oil equipment at a low temperature, because the quality of the oil from oil extraction equipment will be better.

So, what are the effects of high temperature on the rice bran oil extraction machine?

1. The high temperature environment will cause a large amount of nutrients in the oil to be lost, allowing the edible oil extraction equipment to leach out a large amount of the nutrients in the oil;

2. The high temperature environment will also increase the active ingredients of the oil, which will make the extracting work of the oil extraction equipment more difficult and affect the quality of extracted oil;

3. If the leaching equipment works in a high-temperature environment, it will also cause the reflection of fatty acids that are harmful to the human body, which will affect the quality of the extracted oil.

Therefore, when the cooking oil extraction equipment is extracting oil, it is best to work in a low temperature environment, which can obtain a higher extracting effect.

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