The normal operation of the refining equipment is a certain constraint, how to improve the performance of mechanical equipment such as rice bran oil equipment, the use of efficiency to enhance, experts pointed out: To require the operator in the daily work to do proper maintenance and maintenance.

What are the criteria for proper maintenance and maintenance of rice bran oil equipment?

1. Firstly, After 50 hours of work should check the lubrication, the gear box above the oil cup shall not be short of oil, squeeze the shaft to adjust the screw bearing should be adjusted from the screw hole in each class of butter once, no dry grinding.

2. Secondly, The oil parts should be to prevent dust and other impurities into the annual need to check the quality of the gear box oil and found a metamorphic, should replace all the oil.

3. Next, When the squeeze is reduced, the cake or oil is not normal, it should be squeezed out of the squeeze shaft, check the squeeze screw, squeeze, out of the cake ring wear, wear parts to be replaced.

4. Then, After the end of each class work, should be removed within the machine residual cake, clean the surface of th-e machine dust, grease.

5. Finally, After the end of the production season after long-term storage, should be a maintenance, and squeeze the snail, squeeze, a cake ring wash and wash oil, put in a dry place.

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