Expert rief description of the characteristics of rice bran oil equipment

Rice bran is characterized by fine grain size, powder degree, high concentration of sediment, is a typical low oil content, direct use of a one-time leaching process, solvent penetration is very difficult, there is almost impossible to leach. At the same time, the stability of rice bran erratic rice bran another feature, but lso rice bran and other oil with the biggest features. How to choose a reasonable rice bran oil equipment is rice bran oil processing enterprises are facing the biggest problem

There are more than 30 kinds of enzymes in the rice bran, in which the activity of the esterase is the highest, and when the water is present at a certain temperature, the rice bran is extremely susceptible to the effect of the esterification enzyme. Fresh rice bran rancidity, per hour can increase the free acid 1%, a month may have to 60%-69%, with the growth of time, free fatty acid content increases, to follow the processing and use of great difficulties, especially City refining consumption increased significantly. Extrusion of leaching is conducive to the comprehensive development of rice bran oil.

With the puffed rice bran leaching, the solvent more easily penetrate, the leaching section is very favorable. The use of physical refining deacidification, deodorization for deacidification, deodorization, better reduce consumption and improve quality.

Huatai oil actively develop rice bran oil of the new technology to advanced technology, equipment to solve the problem of rice bran preservation, reduce the cost of rice bran preservation, is the small and medium-sized rice processing enterprises have the strength of rice bran preservation equipment.