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Easily Identify Whether the Oil Has Deteriorated

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Easily Identify Whether the Oil Has Deteriorated

The quality of oil processed by oil is generally very good. However, if the oil is stored improperly, under the action of light, heat and air, it will cause the oil to deteriorate and spoil. This kind of fat is harmful to human body and cannot be eaten.

As a manufacturer of rice bran oil machinery, I would like to remind everyone that when we use oil, we must detect whether the oil has deteriorated to avoid adversely affecting our health. Then the oil machinery enterprise will teach you to easily distinguish whether the oil has deteriorated.

We can take a 5ml oil sample in a test tube, add 5ml of concentrated hydrochloric acid with a density of 1.19, plug the pipe mouth with a rubber stopper, shake vigorously for about 10 seconds, then add 5ml of 0.1g / 100ml resorcinol solution, shake violently after adding 10-15 seconds, the oil is layered. If the lower layer is pink or pink, it means that the oil has deteriorated. If it is pink or yellow, it means corruption.

Through the above methods, we can well check whether the oil processed by the oil machinery has deteriorated, so that the oil machinery can bring us greater economic benefits.

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